The guide to finding the lowest cost student car insurance

Student life is hectic. This is also a time when you’ll need to save the most money you can. If you’re planning to take your car to college, It’s crucial to know the details of car insurance so that you can choose an insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

Do I require car insurance while I’m a student?

Anyone who owns and operates cars is legally required to carry insurance for their car. This also pertains to those who use their vehicle to the university. If you have insurance for your car before you leave to university in a foreign location, You should amend your policy to reflect your new time-of-use address and include your job as a student.

If you’re found driving in a vehicle that you aren’t insured to operate, you might be subject to a penalty fixed at PS300 plus six points for your driving license and could also risk having your vehicle being clamped removed or destroyed. If the matter is reported to the court or the police, you could be handed an unlimited fine or be banned from driving.

What is the reason why the insurance on cars for students is so costly?

If you’re a university student or a 17-year old driver, operating a vehicle is likely to be expensive.

The causes for this are:

  • Age. Insurance companies are aware that young drivers who are the most likely to be part of are more likely to be involved in accidents, and the price of insurance premiums for the beginning will reflect that risk.
  • The absence of a no-claims discount. Being a new driver, you may not have been able to accumulate an insurance discount that is no-claims. If you can do it, it could help decrease your insurance costs for cars.
  • The location you live in can influence your insurance rates. If you are in a major city or town, and you park your vehicle for a long time on the street, or you reside in an area in which car crime is high, The risk of damage to your vehicle is greater, and your insurance rates will be likely to be.

Do students receive discounts on car insurance?

Car insurance companies don’t usually provide discounted car insurance to students. There are many methods students can cut down on insurance for their car. They can do this by paying their annual cost in one payment, setting up a telematics system, and comparing car insurance quotes by using us to find the best price.

What can I do to reduce the cost of car insurance for students?

Insurance for cars can be costly; however, the good news is that to lower the cost.

Pick a practical car.

A smaller car with a smaller engine is most likely to be in a lower insurance category. It’s not just more affordable to insure; it will likely be cheaper to run.

You can pay your premium in one payment.

It’s usually easier to pay for your annual policy in one large amount. Monthly payment plans will likely have interest costs added to the installments.

Shop all around

Comparing a few quotes using our comparison tool can save you money.

Examine different levels of coverage

Many of us believe that third-party insurance is the most affordable and comprehensive insurance is the most expensive. However, that’s not the case in all cases. If price is the primary consideration, consider various types of coverage to determine whether a lower-cost premium might be a good fit for your needs.

Your voluntary excess should be increased.

The amount of your car insurance is what you’ll need to pay when you file a claim before your insurance begins to kick in. If you’re less than 25 years old, some insurance companies might also have you pay an additional premium for young drivers because they believe you’re high-risk. A higher voluntary excess can result in a lower monthly cost. Be sure to pay the mandatory excess set by your insurance company, your excess, and any excess for young drivers, if you have to file an insurance claim.

Enhance security

Installing additional security features, such as an approved alarm for your industry or immobilizer, to your vehicle could reduce your insurance costs (if your vehicle doesn’t come with either of them). It is important to weigh the cost of one-time costs against any savings in insurance that you could achieve, so make sure to consult your insurance company before deciding on any discount.

Incorporate a skilled driver

If you could include a seasoned driver who also has access to the vehicle (for instance, a parent or a younger sibling) to your insurance, this could save you money. Anyone who uses the car occasionally could help, as you’re an experienced driver with a great driving history. Remember, they must at least drive the car once or twice. But don’t make them appear as the primary driver when that’s not the scenario. This is known as insurance fronting and is unlawful.

Limit your mileage

The insurance company will want to know the number of miles you’re likely to drive throughout the year. If you’re likely to utilize your car just during weekends or on holidays and weekends, then submitting a low annual mileage estimate could lower the cost of your insurance.

Get a telematics cover.

A black box or the telematics policy is the small device that is placed inside your vehicle or an app that you can download onto your smartphone. It keeps track of your driving and then relays the data to your insurance company. If you’re a good driver, it could give you a discount on your cost. This is a way to motivate motorists to be more cautious when driving.

Pay per use

Pay-per-mile car insurance costs you for the number of miles you drive. It also includes an annual fee that protects your vehicle against theft or damage while in a parking spot. If you don’t drive frequently, then this might be a better alternative for you.

Beware of changes

Vehicles that have been altered from their factory settings are thought to be high risk for insurance companies as they are more appealing to criminals.

Learn a Pass Plus course

If you’ve recently completed your driving exam, you might consider getting a Pass Plus qualification in the first year. It’s a little more advanced than the standard driving classes and will give you hands-on experience in various scenarios. Certain insurance companies will be aware of this and might offer a discount on insurance for your car.

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